Task 1 – Question 1

Task 1 Question 1

1. Digital access- Suitable situation and good behaviour concerning the technology use
2. Digital commerce- Is when a business is taking place online ( whereby a person sell and buy things online)
3. Digital communication- Is an electronic communication that can communicate people through video, voice and data
4. Digital literacy- Is when a person has ability of working alone to produce, evaluate and to communicate and understandable communication through writing
5. Digital etiquette- interpret that the rules of the internet they should be followed so that it could be better for everyone
6. Digital law- It takes control of moral principle of technology
7. Digital rights and responsibilities- It has every right and freedom to use any digital technology in an ethical manner
8. Digital health and wellness- it issues out physical and psychological problems of technology such as ergonomic practices, eye safety and stress syndrome they should be addressed in the technology world
9. Digital security- Includes tools that could protect your identity assets and technology on the mobile and online world

Q.1.2 Social capital

(i) Definition of social capital- It concerns the value of social networks, it comes across very different people of various kinds, it can bond people of similar personalities and has expected situation that provides help between two people. Social capital it is known to be valuable resource, is a result of giving flowing information that connects people, it is all about how people interact with each other.

• You can begin with a YouTube channel
• Give high attention to the present groups, organisations as well as clubs that you have joined
• Join the toastmasters
• Do a follow up on peoples posts
• Stay connected with many people in an relaxed and friendly manner







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